October 25, 2018 2 min read

Small Business Spotlight from Georgia

The love of the outdoors, hunting and fishing were instilled into Greg and his brother Chase at an early age. As they grew, the brothers began talking about what their perfecthunting jacket would be. These discussions were moved to the back burner as they entered into the construction industry. But one day, Greg and Chase the jacket came back up again, and they decided the time was right to take the leap. In 2015, the duo launched Halo Waterfowl.

Deeply rooted in Georgia, Halo Waterfowl forged a partnership with Sewell Manufacturing (founded in 1918) to develop a new breed of practical hunting jackets that are field tested, tried and true. Sewell Manufacturing was a logical fit as they have sewing facilities in Bowden and distribution and fulfillment in Bremen, both of which are nearby to Carrollton.

Halo’s catalog includes caps, t-shirts and their specially-designed waxed canvas shell hunting jacket. Their black tactical functional jacket serves law enforcement entities and companies that want to have their own logo on the jacket.

All of the jackets are made from 6.25 and 8.5 waxed canvas – the same weight as tents made for the US military – and is finished off with a US Flag on the sleeve and a custom label on the inside yoke.

The design is also modeled around a military tunic which allows for superior range of motion whether you are drawing a bow, shouldering a shotgun, or casting a fly rod.

Aside from repelling rainwater like a champ, the wind-resistant waxed canvas also has an unexpected quality: it doesn’t create static, making it ideal for environments (and professions such as law enforcement) where rogue sparks can create an explosive situation.

-Adapted from http://www.georgia.org/2018/09/04/halo-waterfowl-perfecting-the-waxed-canvas-hunting-jacket/

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