It’s July in the South and it’s hot. The northern hemisphere is bathed in sun and we hunters begin to yearn for the first hint of autumn wind. I find myself worrying about the coyotes thinning out the deer herds. I see my nation caught in a whirlwind of politics and media agendas. I read and hear about the spread of fanaticism in territories where my countrymen and countrywomen bled and died. I worry about money and returning to college and the workload that waits in the coming year. The summer heat oppresses, and I wish to remain around the ocean, lake, or river until the sunset cools to darker orange and the leaves turn to red and gold. However, I have to work. I’m not privileged enough to spend all summer sunning by the poolside.

Yet, the dog days of summer are still ahead. It’s going to be hot, but nothing we can’t handle. I’m sure our brothers and sisters that live in the north cherish these hot days. We southerners are constantly reminded how our winters can’t compare with northern snowpack’s. I’ll concede that. I’ve been hypothermic a few times in my life, and the cold can get old quick. Anyways, let’s press through these hot months. Enjoy the water and free time if you haven’t already. If you don’t have much going on, start planning for the upcoming hunting, football, school, or whatever awaits you in the fall. Keep your head up. I’m saying all this just as much for me as for anyone reading this post. It’s easy to feel down with all the buzz, noise, and confusion circulating through the endless screens and devices in our lives. Our nation was made great by the sweat of our ancestor’s brows, and that’s the only thing that will keep it that way, but still find time for you, family, and friends. Have a great weekend everyone.