Introducing our first Halo Waterfowl Limited Edition Duck Call. You’ve all been asking for one and here it is, a Scotty Smith original.
This call is tailored with a classic hedgewood barrel, and then fitted with a black acrylic insert which is only appreciated by the serious hunter.
The call incorporates a brass band which provides a truly ageless feel.
It’s a burly-style timber call with extra volume on top and just the right amount of hold on the bottom.  
Its precise design lends plenty of control, yet grants you all the finesse you need so you can bring your ducks all the way.  
It’s easy to blow. It’s forgiving yet fatal. This is definitely your go-to call and an absolute necessity on anyone’s lanyard – regardless of if you’re a total expert or just starting out.
Will ship in 10 - 12 days