Greg Camp

Greg Camp grew up in Georgia, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. He was an outdoorsman from the start. Hunting was at the heart of his upbringing. Greg began by hunting deer and turkey, taking regular trips out West to hunt elk and mule deer. Then he was invited on his first duck hunt 15 years ago and everything changed. 

Eventually Greg started to seek out every lake, swamp, pond or prairie he had access to in order to practice his new passion. Greg has been a general contractor for the past 20 years and being in that line of business has blessed him with the ability to buy land to keep growing his skills as a waterfowl hunter. Over the years Greg has regularly visited duck-hunting meccas across the country. Eventually waterfowl hunters began to seek him out for advice, input, and recommendations for products and gear.  As he was searching out the best gear he could find and helping fellow duck hunters it finally became time for Greg to create his own brand and products. 

This new passion eventually led to the creation of HALO Waterfowl, which he started with his brother Chase and good friend Brian McCarthy.  Greg is proud that HALO makes American Made products for duck hunters looking for new unique gear that hasn’t been seen on the market in years, bringing back old time tested products with a new feel is his vision.