Our Story

HALO Waterfowl has been a concept for decades. The original HALO was developed in 2010 when co-founder, innovator and serious waterfowler Chase Camp grew tired of the boring and basic gear the market had to offer.

HALO’s goal since its inception has been to provide products that are vastly different and immensely better than those the waterfowl market already has to offer. Our goal is to use our gear to make HALO customers the most successful waterfowlers out there.

In the end, it all comes down to being the most efficient outdoorsman possible. That’s exactly what HALO Waterfowl is about. Our mission is clear in our name. HALO isn’t just a military special-ops term. In waterfowling, it actually stands for Hunting Aerial Limit Outfitters.

As for the technology part? We use the most advanced technology, research, and field testing to develop our concepts and designs. Those inform the development of our gear, in which we outfit our clients. HALO’s gear makes it possible to more comfortably stand in the harshest of elements for endless amounts of time so that we can kill the highest limit of birds flying in between the sights on our shotguns. Thats the HALO hunter. We limit out.