Location:  Opelika AL.

I was introduced to the outdoors by my father Todd Cruitt at the age of 3. Living in south Alabama we didn't do a lot of duck hunting. We mostly hunted deer, squirrel, and rabbits. At the age of 13 I went on my first duck hunting trip and I was addicted. We mainly hunted the Alabama river and private ponds that were on family land. In 2011 my uncles camp house located in Issaquena County MS. was flooded by the MS. river.  He came to me wanting to know if I would be interested in rebuilding it so I would have a place of my own in the MS. Delta. After running it by my four closest hunting buddies we decided that we were all in. Today our camp is known as the "Alabama boys D.O.A. Duck Camp." During the off season we use the camp as a weekend getaway and fish camp. 

Duck hunting to me is more than killing a pile birds. Don't get me wrong I love showing off limits of birds that we kill throughout the season but fellowship and having a good time is why I continue to hunt year after year.

My wife and have been blessed with our son Sadler Cruitt. I am looking forward to introducing him to duck hunting and having him by my side while chasing after ducks.