About Halo

HALO - Hunting And Life Outdoors 

The Camp Boys 

Chase and Greg Camp grew up in Georgia, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Outdoorsmen from the start, the Camp brothers spend their formative years learning all about hunting, fishing and sports. Hunting was at the heart of their upbringing. They began by hunting deer and turkeys, taking regular trips out West to hunt elk and mule deer. Then they were invited on their first duck hunt, and everything changed. 

The Camp brothers started to seek out every lake, swamp, pond or prairie they had access to in order to practice their newfound craft. They bought land, honed their skills, and regularly visited duck-hunting meccas across the country. It was an obsession. As their skill grew, fellow hunters began to seek them out for advice, input, and recommendations for products and gear. Their experience in all aspects of the outdoors led them to the realization that the waterfowl product market was extremely limited, and held little innovation. 

Chase had begun to adapt his own gear, making necessary changes and improvements. He and Greg had evolved into waterfowlers who required advanced gear that simply wasn’t available on the market. So Chase decided to start a company. Once he realized how many challenges were inherent to building a company from the ground up, he asked Greg to join him in his endeavor and eventually their good friend Brian McCarthy soon joined the partnership. Together, Greg, Chase and Brian created the HALO Waterfowl brand, making it what it is today-- a hunting and leisure clothing company that strives to create the best technical hunting gear and lodge, lifestyle and leisure wear on the market, designed specifically for the serious outdoorsman. 

Brian, Chase and Greg  have a passion for their company that only rivals their passion for duck-hunting, and in the coming months, you will see more and more high-quality, innovative products added to the line.  

It’s a way of life: HALO Waterfowl